* * * We have news ! ! !

We will be taking a short break while we settle in with our new baby wren, expected sometime in November. Meanwhile we will also be building our bakery shed so we can come back next year bigger and better! Our last delivery will be Saturday 30th October, 2021.

Blue Wren Bakery is our micro bakery with the aim of making tasty sourdough breads and sweets.  We focus on making sourdough with a long, natural fermentation to get the best flavour and to make breads using just flour, salt and water, no need for any commercial additives or preservatives.

We are passionate about using as many local ingredients as possible, by working closely with and doing what we can to support our suppliers. We hope to educate others on what it takes to grow and supply them with their everyday food, and also to promote the idea of re-building a local grain economy.

Where to find us…

We are currently delivering bread to the Grampians Store in Pomonal on Mondays and Saturdays. We bake a small base range of breads, which may change depending on what ingredients are in season and available. To keep it interesting though, we’ll be baking one or two of our special loaves most weeks such as our spelt and oat porridge, beer bread or pumpkin loaf.

Our bread is also available on various days at the following locations:

Moyston General Store (Mon & Sat)

One Bite At A Time, Ararat (Mon)

Red Rock Olives, Pomonal (Sat)

If you’d like more information in regards to ordering or about where to buy our bread please contact us via email bluewrenbakery@gmail.com