Our Breads

Our bread range covers all the usual suspects with our own little twists and from time to time we’ll throw in a few experimental loaves. All our breads are made with a sourdough culture and natural fermentation.

Country loaf

A classic style bread whose simplistic nature may be underestimated but is suitable for everything from a weekday work sandwich to a relaxed egg and bacon breaky.  This is our version of a country loaf made with a blend of wheat flour, stoneground whole wheat flour and a good splash of whole grain rye flour. The ideal choice for those who’ve never tried sourdough or prefer a lighter kind of loaf.

Made with a blend of bakers flour, wholewheat flour and whole grain rye flour, pink lake salt, water and our sourdough starter.

Seeded Tin

This bread is ALL about texture. The seeded tin comprises sprouted lentils, linseed and cracked grain (wheat or spelt) with a 100% whole wheat dough, then sprinkled with sesame on top.  A tasty loaf with wholesome flavours from the seeds and whole grain flour, and as versatile as any country loaf, just try using it to mop up your pasta plate or soup bowl and you’ll see what we mean!

Made with wholewheat flour, sprouted red lentils, linseed, cracked wheat, sesame seeds, pink lake salt, water and our sourdough starter.

Fruit Bread

Our fruit loaf features a light rye dough that lends a creaminess to the crumb and a slightly darker loaf. Folded throughout are pieces of seasonal fruit from our very own local Pomonal Orchard (when in season), as well as organic sultanas and currants from Murray View Organics and finally, a bit of cinnamon just to spice things up.

We’re thinking… thick slices slathered with butter for morning tea or an afternoon snack, because when it’s this tasty why keep fruit toast just for breakfast?

Made with bakers flour, wholegrain rye flour, pink lake salt, sultanas, currants, apples, salt, cinnamon, water and our sourdough starter.


All our breads are sourdough and made with a natural fermentation and these baguettes are no exception. Consisting of 50% whole-wheat flour and 50% white flour they’re the ideal size for toasted sandwiches or a fitting accompaniment to a cheese platter.

Made with bakers flour, whole wheat flour, pink lake salt, water, barley malt and our sourdough culture.

The Black Sheep

The Black Sheep is so named as it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, showing off the full flavor of rye with a soft, spongy texture and a tighter, more closed crumb than most other loaves. The flour is grown and milled by Burrum Biodynamics. Rye bread has a long shelf life and we found is ideal for traveling or on a long day’s hike.  Great fresh or sliced thinly and toasted, our favourite topping combination is a strong cheese and sauerkraut.

Made with wholegrain rye flour, pink lake salt, water, our sourdough starter and a touch of malt.