Specialty loaves

We bake specialty loaves for when we’re at market, sometimes to feature special ingredients and sometimes, just because, we like to experiment.

Buckwheat & spelt

Made with a mix of whole grain spelt flour, wheat flour, a bit of buckwheat flour and sprouted buckwheat. The buckwheat flour adds an earthy flavour while the sprouted seeds add a subtle sweetness.


Based on an Italian white bread, this rustic loaf has a chewy crust and open crumb. We’ve added in a touch of whole grain rye flour and used local olive oil for our own version of ciabatta.

Light rye with caraway seeds

With bold flavours, fragrant caraway and a light, spongy texture from the rye flour this is a classic pairing of two great ingredients; rye grain and caraway seeds.

Whole-grain spelt

Spelt grain has a beautiful distinct flavour of it’s own so we’ve kept this loaf as a 100% whole-grain spelt flour, milled and grown by our legendary farmers at Burrum Bio dynamics.


Khorasan is an ancient grain bringing a lovely sweetness and golden colour to the crust. This loaf was made using grain courtesty of The Grain Family in Tasmania. We used Khorasan flour as well as making a porridge from the grain.

Emmer, Rye & Honey

Emmer is an ancient predecessor to modern wheat with a lovely nutty flavour and a subtle sweetness.  We’ve combined it with cracked rye grain for complementary flavour and texture, also with a touch of honey to enhance the natural sweetness of the Emmer flour.

Spelt & oat porridge

First we make a porridge with oats and milk. Then we make a dough, this particular one includes 50% whole grain spelt flour for extra flavour. Then we fold the two together.

What results is a particularly tasty and soft loaf. If you can’t yet tell, we like making porridge loaves.

Pumpkin bread

Roasted pumpkin and black sesame seeds folded through a blend of whole grain wheat and bakers flour. Super soft, subtly sweet and a pleasant bitterness from the seeds.

Amazing pumpkins sourced from Lake View Organics.


A stand out loaf that captures the full flavour of the grain. It’s made with 100% stone-ground wholewheat flour meaning that it’s less refined than white flour and all the minerals, oils, nutrition and flavour is retained. It’s wholesome, it’s hearty, it’s robust and it’ll keep you going all day.

Soda bread

Based on an Irish tradition of making bread using bicarb soda and whole wheat flour, we created this special loaf specifically for the Horsham Irish Festival 2020!

Cracked Corn Porridge

The beauty of a porridge loaf is in the texture; creamy, soft and spongy. The benefit of corn? Super tasty!

Our special loaf for June 2019 was our country loaf dough with a cracked corn porridge folded through. The corn was cracked in our little mill, cooked with milk to a creamy consistency and enough of it to give a full corn flavour.

Olive loaf

Proving to be a favourite before it’s even left the gate, this loaf featured mixed olives from Red Rock Olives, grown organically and locally in Pomonal and infused with our home grown lemon myrtle.

Made with a simple base from white wheat flour to let the olives take over.

Marbled malt loaf

Two doughs intertwined, one made with a ‘chocolate’ malt sourced through the local brewery in Halls Gap, Paper Scissors Rock, and the other a contrasting white dough. Our debut special loaf in May 2019 and one of many collaborations we’ll be doing with other local producers.