Sweets and more

Sourdough Scrolls

The main player in our sweets ensemble, these scrolls are 100% naturally leavened! The extra long ferment and the use of oil in the dough give the dough the rise and moisture it needs for a soft crumb. We then layer in various sweet fillings, bake until golden and finally, brush them with a spiced glaze.

Scrolls are available at our farmers market stalls and flavours change throughout the year, although RHUBARB & LEMON ICING has proven to be country favourite.


These super tasty, crunchy and versatile crackers are made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Red Rock Olives, Pink Lake salt harvested from Western Victoria courtesy of Mt Zero Olives and a small portion of our sourdough culture.  The plain and simple dough means the flavours of the salt and oil really come through.

Our crackers can be found on the produce platters at Pomonal Estate Winery and at Red Rock Olives Farm Gate Cafe.